Sound technologies are our strong point and at the same time a hobby. The priority is quality sound coverage, which we mainly use digital technologies and
L-acoustics speaker systems.

Light & Video

A person's visual perception is probably the most emotional sense. Therefore, the visual side of the event is realized by means of intelligent lights, lasers, LED display areas, conventional lights controlled by an intelligent desk or a computer.

Stage & Truss

Depending on the location of the event (interior or exterior), we will provide podiums, structures, or roofing according to the required dimensions and purpose of use.


Sound technology

We are the proud owners of Constant curvature system L´acoustics A-series

Medium throw constant curvature system: L´acoustics A15 WI / FO

Subwoofers: L´acoustics KS21, L´acoustics SB15M

Stage Monitoring a Front fill technology:  L´acoustics X12, L´acoustics X8
JBL EON300/500 Self-powered, Proel WD12A

​​Amplifiers and speaker processors: L´acoustics LA12X, L´acoustics LA4X

Mixers: Midas HD96-24-CC Heritage-D (Dante incl.), Yamaha TF-series,
RCF L-pad series, Allen&Heath Zed series

Processors: SuperMicro (Dante & SoundGrid standard)- Live Proffesor, Waves (SoundGrid: Bass&Drum, Vocal Collection, Live Bundle), Aloy2

Wireless systems: Shure QLX series, Shure BLX4 series

Microphones: - Shure (Beta), AKG, Sennheisser, Audix, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Oktava, DPA, Rode


Light & Video

Light control: Avolites Titan one + controller, 
Avolites Tiger Touch II, SGM

Moving heads: Pointe /BeamSpotWash/ ,Mac Aura , Showtec Phantom 75 Beam/130 Spot

LED effects: Showtec Compact PAR Mk II, Showtec Pulse Pixelbar 16 Q4

White light: ARRI 1kW, PAR56

Follow spot: Chauvet 120 ST

Hazers: American DJ Entourage /1500W/

Projectors: NEC V-series, NEC P-series 

LED screens: Samsung 40", Samsung 65"

LED walls: Novastar P2.8, P3.9, P6.6, P10

Video processors, controllers & broadcast: Blackmagicdesign ATEM, Blackmagicdesign ATEM mini Extreme, Blackmagic Production

Photo/Video : Sony A7III, Sony A7RIII, Sony A7SII, Sony A6500, Sony A6300

Lenses: Sony GM 16-35mm, Sony GM 24-70mm, Sony GM 70-200mm, Sony G 85mm, Sony  G 28-135mm, Tamron 28-75mm

Photo/Video lights: Godox SK400II, Godox SK300II

Stage & Truss


We supply professional mobile podiums and podium systems of dimensions and shapes according to your requirements for podiums, we use the renowned brand Nivtec flexibel.


Stage roofing, with the help of constructions, is most often used at concerts, festivals, exhibitions, VIP events. However, aluminum concert structures and stage systems can also be reasonably used in interiors, such as sports halls, theaters, cultural centers, for the installation of lighting, sound systems and large-scale projections. We use the Milos, TAF and Global Truss brands for roofing and other construction elements.


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