Advice and support

During the implementation of individual projects, we are ready to provide you with original ideas and use all the skills of our team to fully fulfill your ideas.

Our goal is to provide customers with our own know-how, new ideas, creative approach and high added value. Our activities are based on customer requirements in accordance with international standards, best practices and experience.

In addition to established activities and technologies in the field of events, we also provide:
- technology for press centers (sports and social top events)
- infrastructure for data, voice and video services (fixed and wireless)
- connection to public networks (Internet, fix / mobile) and to studios / radio / TV broadcasts
- arbitration systems, voting system


Event Engineering s.r.o.
Bancíkovej 1/A                    
Bratislava, SK-82103

Co. ID: 50 476 149
VAT: 2120342136
VAT ID: SK2120342136 

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